The history behind the blanket

Behind the idea of the Guldmane-blanket stands an entrepreneurial family from Stockholm, who has through the years been running various horse-related businesses at an elite level. The horses’ well-being , both physically and mentally, has always been their great passion. It wasn’t a great surprise for them when the spike-mat was selected as the ”best Christmas gift” of 2009. The actual idea behind the Guldmane-blanket came from Pia Jansson, the mother of the family. Pia had already been using the spike-mat herself for the past year and felt that it yielded great results.

Besides it increasing blood circulation, the body also becomes a lot more flexible and relaxed. These positive results that the spike-mat had been proving to show made its functionality quite famous. Because of the great success the spike-mat was showing in humans, Pia got the idea of making a similar mat for horses. This thought was the beginning of the Guldmane-blanket. During spring, 2009, the idea about a spike-mat for horses became reality. A spike-mat made specially to fit a horse proved to have a significant effect on the horses’ well-being. In order to manufacture the best possible mat, Pia contacted and hired a professional designer to help her finalize her product. Not until now, three years later, the spike-mat is finally complete. The launching of the product took long, this, however, Pia just claims as “good news” since it ensures the mat’s quality.

All this to reach the best possible result. The product began as a rear part, see pictures 1 and 2.


The shape was changed and improved with time, to a complete spike-mat that even covers the horses’ throat. A specially designed cover-blanket made of neoprene (stretch fabric) was designed simultaneously, this fabric is often used at various hospitals for recreational purposes. The spike-mat as well as the cover-blanket showed great results in not only the horses’ well-being, but also their performance. Along with riders, veterinarians, and a Equine therapist (horse-therapist), Pia continued to further improve the blanket. Since then a protection of design has been applied for, and approved for all products. The product was created to help, rehabilitate, and improve the horses’ health and well-being, which has been the driving power for the family throughout everything. The Guldmane-spike-blanket is the final result from all their work, and they are very proud to present it to the world.