What is the meaning of Guldmane?

Guldmane or Gullfaxe, was in Nordic mythology the giant Hrungner’s horse. The name Gullfaxe means ”golden man”. Gullfaxe was an incredibly fast horse that was able to travel on land, in water, and even soar through the skies.

Hrungner claimed that Gullfaxe was the fastest horse in the world, because of this claim he was challenged to a race by the God Oden and his eight-legged horse, Sleipner. They bet their heads on the race. Sleipner won the race, but because of the horses’ incredible speed the race ended close to Oden’s home city, Asgard, so instead of taking the giant’s head as price, he invited him inside for dinner. Once inside, however, Hrungner behaved badly towards all the Gods, and when he started making fun of Thor, he soon had enough. Oden quickly decided that no blood should be spilled inside of Asgard, so Thor and Hrungner arranged to meet by the out-lands of Jotunheim to settle their dispute.

When the giant didn’t show up, Thor sent his lad Tjalve to meet up with Hrungner. Tjalve showed great courage and whispered to the giant that Thor always attacks from below, which was a lie. When Hrungner finally arrived Thor didn’t attack from below and was able to take down the giant, however, when the giant fell Thor got stuck under him. Thor yelled for help and was heard by his three-day old son, Magne, whose mother also was a giant by the name of J√§rnsaxa. Despite his young age and short height Magne was able to lift the giant off Thor. The lightning God was so grateful towards his young Magne that he gave his Gullefaxe as a token of appreciation.