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Guldmane set 1

A spike-mat for horses that increases blood circulation, has a relaxing effect, gives increased flexibility, and makes the horse over-all healthier. A complete spike-mat so that even the throat and neck gets stimulated.

The blanket contains two parts, the inner blanket where the ‘roses’ are attached, and the outer blanket made out of Neoprene. This material has the tendency of storing heat and is very stretchable. The effects from the ‘roses’ comes from the pressure caused by the stretched Neoprene-blanket. This is carefully tested under long periods of time so that it yields the best possible results. Without the outer Neoprene, the ‘roses’ do not yield as good of a result.




The blanket, throat-piece & case

Item Number: 116
Small (135-140)

Item Number: 117
Medium (140-150)

Item Number: 118
Large (150-155)

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