Where can I buy the blanket?
Answer: Buy it through our retailers that are listed under the link ”Contact”.

Can I use the blanket even though my horse just got its hair cut?
Answer: Yes of course, no problem at all.

How long should I use the blanket on my horse for?
Answer: It varies from horse to horse, it all depends on the horse’s sensitivity and how it reacts to the blanket. However, we recommend everything from 1-20 minutes.

Can I use the blanket daily?
Answer: Yes, you can use it as often as you like.

When should I use the blanket, before or after training?
Answer: The blanket has a relaxing effect on the horse so you can use it both before and after training.

Can the horse stand in his stall with the blanket?
Answer: No, the horse should stand in its halter.

Can the blanket be washed ?
Answer: Yes it can. Please read the washing advice.