How do I put on the blanket?


Instructions on how to use the Guldmane-blanket.

Putting on the Guldmane-blanket:

  1. Remove the blanket from its container. Let the blanket remain folded.
  2. Put the already folded blanket on the horse. Start from the front at the withers and let the horse get a chance to get a feel of the blanket.
  3. Fold out the blanket from the horses’ throat to its behind. Be sure that the blanket is evenly and correctly put on the horse’s back. Once secure, fasten the bottom blanket by the horse’s bog. When needed, the blanket can be carefully pulled backwards.
  4. Start by stretching the neoprene blanket from the bog and under the horse’s stomach. It is stretched like regular neoprene. Lastly the velcro is stretched and attached around the horse’s behind. The attachments under the horse’s stomach can easily be adjusted based on the horse’s reaction for an increased effect.

Removing the Guldmane-blanket:

  1. Start off by removing the straps, starting with the behind strap.
  2. When the blanket lies unattached on the horse, fold the back part to about half size. Once done fold the front part over the already folded part.
  3. Lift the blanket off the horse so that it is folded along its length, then put the blanket in its bag. NB: For easy folding it is important that the process is not mixed up.



When the blanket lands on a horse for the first time one can experience different reactions:

  • The horse can seem wondering.
  • The horse can start stepping and rock his head back and forth (because of the first time feeling of the blanket).
  • If the horse seem very nervous its not a good idea to strap it down.
  • Its enough to have it in the grim-shaft if necessary.


Using the blanket:

Depending on the horse’s reaction and sensitivity it is recommended to let the horse get used to the feel of the blanket, in the beginning the recommended time should be 5-20 min and increase to 20-40 min with time. To experience increased effects of the blanket, fasted the Velcro under its stomach and bog.


The throat piece:

  1. Bring the Guldmane throat-part and the pointy part forward.
  2. Then put it so that it covers the horse’s throat and put the pointy part in between the horse’s ears.
  3. Pick oout the mane through the assigned open holes.
  4. Pull the stretchy clips upwards and around the horse’s throat to fasten it.
  5. You can control the pressure by adjusting the clips.
  6. The pointy part that now is in between the horse’s ears have small clips attached to it that needs to be attached and fastened to the horse’s halter which can be adjusted with the velcro.


How to wash the blanket:

To achieve the best possible results when cleaning the blanket we recommend the use of Guldmane’s own specially designed disinfectant detergent. These are specially brought forward for the Guldmane blanket.
When using the Guldmane disinfectant detergent: brush off the spike disks. Then spray on disinfectant detergent and let it air dry.

When washing the neoprene part (the cover blanket): Unbutton the neoprene part from the spike part and wash in 40 degrees with light centrifugation. Then let the blanket hang and dry, it should not be tumble dried.
When washing the spike part (the bottom blanket): Remove the foam rubber, then hand wash the blanket and the spike disks, once again it is recommended to use Guldmane’s disinfectant detergent. Use lukewarm water and a smooth brush. Once done flush the blanket completely with water. Avoid washing machines, tumble dryers, any other hard materials and chemicals since the spike disks can easily be damaged.