Why the Guldmane blanket?

Why choose the Guldmane-blanket?

A horse that is already willing to work, in combination with soft and flexible muscles has great chances of reaching competing levels. Good blood support to the muscles is required in order to ensure the horses’ stamina and an increase in muscular mass. A flexible muscle-build is necessary in order to ensure that the horse has excess energy when training.

How does the Guldmane-blanket work?

The Roses – The small round roses feels like nails against the skin. They are constructed in a manner so that they are flexible and adjust depending on the horses’ movement. The roses help stimulate the horse which increases the blood circulation. It has a relaxing effect and yields quicker recovery.

Neoprene – The blanket consists of two parts, the inner blanket where the roses are attached, and the outer blanket made of neoprene. This material, neoprene, has a phenomenal ability to stretch and store heat. The effectiveness of the roses comes from the constant pressure caused by the stretched neoprene. This has been professionally tested to secure maximal effectiveness. Without the nail-acting roses, the outer neoprene blanket looses its full effect.

The Roses + Neoprene = Guldmane-blanket – the spike-mat for horses.